Dodge Charger V L-Body, 5. generace

Modely Dodge Charger 5 V L-Body

Dodge Charger V L-Body 5

Rok výroby 1982 - 1987

Model: Charger (1964 - ...)


Anglicky (český popis chybí)

The Dodge Charger (L-body) was built by Dodge, a division of Chrysler Corporation. There have been a number of vehicles bearing the Charger nameplate, but the name has generally denoted a performance model in the Dodge range. The 1983–1987 Chargers were based on the front-wheel driveChrysler L platform.

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1985 Dodge Charger V L-Body
1280 x 783 ... 124 KB
2014-08-19  udm
1995 Dodge Charger V L-Body
1022 x 734 ... 131 KB
2007-02-10  inraj

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