Dodge D I, 1. generace

Dodge D I 1

Rok výroby 1961 - 1964

Model: D (1961 - 1993)

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The body offered the then-traditional step-side bed, with distinct fenders as an option.

The D Series used the familiar Chrysler Slant-6 engine in displacements of 170 cu in, 198 cu in, and 225cu in as the base models, depending on the year. (The 198 was relatively rare, available as the base engine only from 1969–1973.) All of Chrysler's larger engines, with the notable exception of the Chrysler Hemi engine were available as factory options.

Another innovation was the introduction of an alternator rather than a generator for electrical power. A three-speed automatic transmission was a major advance—the truck used a two-speed automatic less than a decade earlier.

Yet another innovation, a "Crew Cab" (four-door) body style was introduced in 1963, a first for a factory pickup. Prior crew cabs were custom conversion jobs. A "Club Cab" was also available for 1973, providing transverse seating for either a single third passenger or two small third and fourth passengers (most often, the Club Cab was used as extra cargo space).

The first generation of the D-series was manufactured in Argentina. They were given the Dodge and Fargo brands, as Dodge D-100 and Fargo De Soto. The trucks were produced by the Argentinian subsidiary Chrysler-Fevre Argentina S.A.

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1958 Dodge D I
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1976 Dodge D I
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