Dodge Ramcharger III, 3. generace

Dodge Ramcharger III 3

Rok výroby 1999 - 2001

Model: Ramcharger (1974 - 2001)


Anglicky (český popis chybí)

In 1999, a new Ramcharger was produced in Mexico based on the second generation Ram pickup and using parts from the Dodge Ram pickups and other Chrysler vehicles. Sold only in Mexico, where the previous generation Ramcharger had been quite successful, it was not offered in the U.S. Because of this and other issues, this generation never enjoyed the sales of the previous generations of Ramchargers. Powered by the 5.9 and 5.2 Liter (360 CID and 318 CID) Magnum V8 and offered only in 2WD versions, it was discontinued around 2002. One of the most interesting features of this generation was a small folding seat in the cargo area, facing sideways, not a full-sized seat, making it uncomfortable for long trips. The rear hatch door was borrowed from 1996–2000 model Dodge Caravan. The Mexican-market Ramcharger was probably not marketed in the U.S.because the SUV market was favoring 4 or 5-door SUVs as opposed to 2-doors. Also, DaimlerChrysler already had two successful mid-sized SUVs (Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango). Two-door SUV sales had been declining, to which GM ended production of its 2-door Tahoe and Yukon, and Ford replaced the long-running 2-door only Ford Bronco around the same time with the 4-door only Ford Expedition.

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Dodge Ramcharger III
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2000 Dodge Ramcharger III
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2005 Dodge Ramcharger III
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