Video - 131948 / 1968 Dodge Charger Pro-Touring

Videa Dodge Charger 131948 / 1968 Dodge Charger Pro-Touring

131948 / 1968 Dodge Charger Pro-Touring

You already know that RK Motors Charlotte has a thing for Chargers. You've already seen some of the world's most mind-blowing, potent, flat-out nasty pro-touring Chargers come out of our shop. They've been in magazines and won prizes at all the top shows. And as amazing as they all were, this show-stopping 1968 Dodge Charger pro-touring custom just upped the ante significantly! Combining the best of yesterday, with the best of today and tomorrow, this Charger was built for the muscle car fan that wants the absolute best and doesn't want to share! What if you could have the great looks of a Charger in a Challenger-sized package? We've taken it to the next level not by going wild, but by imagining how the car would look if the factory had built it. You'll have to look twice to see the changes (and they are indeed radical), and to find where the OEM and the modified merge the essence of great customs. Ask any custom builder and he'll tell you that no car is ever finished, and where one owner's ideas stop, a new ones begin, letting the car evolve. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response we got to Maximum Effect, our all-black '70 Charger pro-touring car, we dipped this one in the same vat of sinister Midnight Black Metallic to give it a stealthier appearance and let the radical custom sheet metal do the talking instead of the loud paint. Where the original design was wild for the sake of being wild, this one is focused like a laser now the car looks downright brutal ...

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