Video - 132365/2004 Dodge Viper: Mamba Edition

Videa Dodge Viper 132365/2004 Dodge Viper: Mamba Edition

132365/2004 Dodge Viper: Mamba Edition

Showing just 7724 original miles, Mamba #182 is a rare, virtually new car that has been driven about 1100 miles a year. The white paint is unique to the Mamba, and while it isn't as flashy as red, the unique look of an all-white Viper has its own appeal—kind of like the white Bengal tigers. Somehow it's much cooler than what you usually see on the road. The finish is, of course, virtually unblemished thanks to expert care since it was new and there's not much chance this one has ever seen the rain. The convertible top is easy to use, folding neatly behind the seats and stowing under a hard boot that creates a seamless appearance. And I don't care who you are, when you see this car roaring down the street, you know you're in the presence of something special. Even more outrageous than the swoopy bodywork is the 8.3 liter V10 under the hood, which cranks out 505 horsepower and 525 pounds of torque, making the Viper the undisputed king of the hill in 2004. Modified with only a K&N air filter, this V10 cranks to life easily and runs like it should. Notoriously over-engineered, it's virtually impossible to hurt a Viper engine, and guys have put insane levels of boost through engines with stock bottom-ends and report no difficulties, so you know they're built for combat. They're also built for show, with red valve covers and brushed aluminum Viper graphics, a gorgeous and exotic-looking intake manifold, and a massive air intake. The only transmission you could get in the Viper ...

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