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132715 / 1969 Dodge Coronet Superbee

The great thing about the muscle car era is that the factory created new high-performance models based on existing platforms, meaning that there's a great deal of parts compatibility. On the one hand, that makes clones possible, but on the other, it allows the enterprising enthusiast the ability to build dream cars that may never have existed in the first place. Take, for example, this 1969 Dodge Coronet convertible, fully dressed in Super Bee regalia with a thumping 440 under the hood. While the factory never built such a beast, it doesn't take much to build your own phantom, a car that the factory COULD have built, but never did. This stunning convertible was completely rebuilt from the ground up to be not only brutally fast, but impressively accurate as well. The bodywork was straightened and finessed until it was as straight as any concours contender, and since well-known builder Reid Stevens knew this car would be getting A LOT of scrutiny at shows, he went the extra mile to make sure everything lined up correctly. Two-stage urethane accurately reproduces the Rallye Green finish, which has a lot of metallic and a hint of gold underneath, so it positively glows in the sunlight. If you crave attention at the next Mopar Nationals, this is your ride. If you build a car that looks this fast, you'd better be able to back it up. Fortunately, the guys dipped into the Mopar parts bin, just as the factory would have, and served up a thumping 440 cubic inch V8 topped by a big 4 ...

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