Video - 132914 / 1969 1/2 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee

Videa Dodge Coronet 132914 / 1969 1/2 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee

132914 / 1969 1/2 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee

For more information on this vehicle visit Dressed in a correct and highly desirable black and Hemi Orange color combination, rocking an original Magnum 440 Six Pack under its hood and hiding a tough A833 4-speed under its floors, this Galen Govier certified A12 Super Bee is the kind of investment grade classic that will continue to rise in value! Judging by the spectacular looks of this slick Super Bee's body, everything from welding up its new quarter and filler panels to blocking its surfaces, spraying its glossy basecoat, and buffing its mirror-like clearcoat was handled by one very meticulous team. The car's tough, slab-sided profile has been straightened and finessed until it looks smoother and lines up better than most of today's showroom fresh offerings. Its glossy two-stage urethane accurately reproduces Chrysler's vivid Hemi Orange finish while providing a wet-look shine that's only achieved with decades of highly advanced paint technology. And overall, this broad shouldered B-body is one super slick show piece which wraps brutal performance and a high level of accuracy in classic lines and killer good looks. Rebuilt, fully-detailed and wearing a correct 2536430-8 casting number, a (5) May (8) 8th of 1969 (69) casting date and a matching 302883 partial VIN, this slick Coronet's 440 cubic inch Magnum V8 is spectacular in every measurable way. At the top of the 390 horsepower monster, a correct trio of Holley 2-barrel carburetors is housed within a ...



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