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132956 / 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

For more information on this vehicle visit If you want all the thrills of a Hemi Charger without the six figure price tag, check out this '70 model. What started life as a Light Gold Metallic 318 car has been transformed into a 426 Hemi-powered monster in Hemi Orange. The beneficiary of an extensive frame-up restoration, every piece of this car shows as good as it sounds! Starting with one of the most iconic designs of the muscle car era, every body panel was massaged to perfection. Panel fitment is above average and certainly better than anything that came of the St. Louis assembly plant in 1970. Topped with a coat of Hemi Orange, this formerly mundane driver now has a menacing look. In full R/T trim, this car has all the desirable bits including the full length grill with electrically operated hideaway headlights, R/T side scoops and Hemi callouts on the twin scalloped hood. Out back a bumblebee stripe adds a sporty look. All brightwork from the wraparound front bumper back shows well as does the glass. Under the hood, the bay is dressed appropriately with a 26-inch radiator, Group 24 battery and proper decals. At the center lies the 426 Hemi producing over 465 horsepower. Up top, a Hemi Orange open element air cleaner covers two Edelbrock 600cfm carbs mounted to a Mopar Performance aluminum intake. The heads are cast iron and concealed under bright chrome valve covers. The setup breathes through a reproduction factory exhaust. Underneath the car, a detailed ...

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