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133348 / 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T

For more information on this vehicle visit If you've always wanted the chance to own a top notch, investment grade Chrysler, but don't really care for all the over-hyped 'regulars' that seem to dominate the hobby, you're looking at your next trophy winner! Our team's goal was to keep the car as close to 100% Chrysler Corporation as possible, so they went to work straightening, flattening and finessing the body's clean, existing panels into laser-straight surfaces. Since that body had never been wrinkled, or had any unfortunate run-ins with a drag strip guard rail, its panels displayed good gaps to begin with, and stellar gaps when reassembled. And finally, weeks of primer and sanding counted down to a fresh coat of Chrysler code E Dark Blue Metallic paint and a glossy clearcoat shell. Fully detailed, covered in HEMI Orange paint and wearing only break-in miles since a complete rebuild, this slick Dodge's 426 cubic inch warranty replacement V8 is spectacular in every measurable way! Of course, the car's engine bay wasn't always this glorious and, while our team definitely knows their way around a 2G 426, we opted to enlist Mopar legend Larry Shepard for a full powertrain overhaul. At the top of the monster motor, two correct Carter carburetors sip Sinclair through fresh stainless fuel lines and suck air through a large chrome air cleaner that's branded with a subtle orange decal. At the base of those carburetors, an aluminum dual quad intake props a familiar ...



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