Video - 1968 Dodge Charger "All the action before it was stolen"

Videa Dodge Daroo 1968 Dodge Charger "All the action before it was stolen"

1968 Dodge Charger "All the action before it was stolen"

this is Nick suckow's car in September 2008 before it was stolen. If you have any information about this dodge charger please let me know. Until now 2011 nothing heart from the Charger. In this video I was in the passenger seat it was a great ride, how can someboby steel a man's dreamcar. Back in 1984, high-schooler Nick Suckow bought himself a '68 Dodge Charger. He was gonna fix it up and roar down the road. Nick was born a gearhead. A hot rod. From the first time he drove, he drove hard. The redline was always at hand. When he joined the Army out of high school and shipped to Germany he got hooked on the autobahn, where you could ease over to the left lane, stomp the foot-feed flat, and shoot, they just let you go. "Fast," Nick likes to say, "isn't the same as reckless." All that racing around, and then life served up a grim little joke: The day Nick Suckow wrecked - the day his life changed forever, the last day he ever stood on his own two feet - he was going 35 miles per hour with his seatbelt on. He'd been married two weeks. He and his wife were on their way home from their Wisconsin honeymoon, making the run back to Texas in Nick's Gran Prix. They were towing a rusted-out Ford Bronco - Nick always had his eye out for a cheap beater, and he had found one up north. On a rough stretch of road Nick crawled in the Bronco to keep it straight. The front tire hooked a pothole. The tie rod snapped. The seat belt broke. He landed in ...



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