Video - 1988 Dodge Dakota Heater Core Back Flush

Videa Dodge Dakota 1988 Dodge Dakota Heater Core Back Flush

1988 Dodge Dakota Heater Core Back Flush

This video shows how to back flush a heater core by using a marine utility water pump, three small water hoses, two hose connectors, two gallons of water, a five gallon bucket, jumper cables, and a bottle of Prestone Super Flush. Before you start to back flush your heater core, thoroughly flush your heater core with water to remove any remaining coolant or debris. Since animals are drawn to the taste of antifreeze please dispose of coolant in a responsible manner. After back flushing your heater core it is important not to leave the Prestone Super Flush in your heater core so thoroughly flush it with water before reconnecting your vehicles hoses. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to post them and I'll do my best to address any of your concerns. Side Note: You can get a utility pump at Harbor Freight for approximately $40.00.



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