Video - 1991 Dodge Stealth Engine Bay Mods

Videa Dodge Stealth 1991 Dodge Stealth Engine Bay Mods

1991 Dodge Stealth Engine Bay Mods

A quick overview of some of the mods I did to my engine bay the short time I had this amazing car. This car had the vacuum reduction mod, cruise control relocation mod, electronic boost controller, K&N filter, rebuilt computer, and had the second gen calipers waiting to go on. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to install them. The FR500 rims you see in a couple of the pics never got installed other than for pictures. They stuck out of the fenders way too far. A little more description of the intro pics: 3rd pic: Modified cruise control cover 5th pic: Cruise control actuator bolted underneath the airbag sensor 6th pic: AC relay box that got ziptied to the white brace by the cruise control actuator 9th pic: Another shot of the cruise control cover 11th pic: Shot of what it looks like underneath the cruise control cover

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