Video - 2001 Dodge Dakota SLT 4x4 Modifications

Videa Dodge Dakota 2001 Dodge Dakota SLT 4x4 Modifications

2001 Dodge Dakota SLT 4x4 Modifications

Created for Professor A. Marcum Writing I class. Project 5 with the topic of Trucks. My truck was the inspiration for all my other papers during this semester. All modifications that are from other people and companies are labeled accordingly in the credits. Also, the song used by Dashboard Confessional is given credit in the Credits. For Educational Purposes Only. My Truck is: 2001 Dodge Dakota SLT Quad Cab 4x4 in Intense Blue w/ Silver Two-tone Paint. Has the 4.7L V8 which is programmed with SuperChip and has the 545rfe Mod. Most other modifications are listed in video.

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