Video - 2003 dodge neon rear wheel hub replacement

Videa Dodge Neon 2003 dodge neon rear wheel hub replacement

2003 dodge neon rear wheel hub replacement

Yesterday the back passenger wheel on my neon wouldn't move. It was only 15 degrees outside and I thought that maybe some ice had frozen the brakes. Later in the day I tried moving it again, it rolled! The car has been making a "growling" sound and there has been some vibration in the rear. Well, my buddy came over and we determined that it had to be the bearing. 50 dollars later the car was fixed. No more vibration and no more growling. It was really easy. It is a 30 mm nut holding the hub on. Make sure you get a torque wrench that goes to at least 160 ft lbs. The wrench and socket can be rented from autozone for 120 dollars. You get that back when you bring the tools back. Don't forget the wheel bearing grease!! I hope this helps a few people. I looked and couldn't find the info on torque specs quickly and I didn't want to buy a chiltons.

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