Video - 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4x4 Cummins Sport SLT Quad Cab

Videa Dodge RAM 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4x4 Cummins Sport SLT Quad Cab

2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4x4 Cummins Sport SLT Quad Cab

2004.5 Dodge 5.9 Cummings High Output Turbo Diesel 4x4 Crew Cab SLT Sport Package. This Tuck is in fantastic shape and has a virgin bed which has not been drilled or punched to tow. Fully loaded with all the toys plus navigation will take you wherever you are looking to go in style and comfort. Only 2 owners transferred between family members and an absolute beauty. Custom Wheels and tires, Leather interior, suspension and level kit. Be the first to pull anything in this bad boy...its more than ready to accommodate your RV !Thanks for checking out our ad! Be sure to visit our website at to see an extensive photo shoot and test drive video of this vehicle along with the rest of our handpicked stock! We specialize in Turbo Diesels and know what we're looking for down to where the engine block was manufactured so we can take the guess work out of diesel buying and deliver top notch rigs. We are an appointment based, warehouse facility, we do not sell high interest dealer financing at Pro Trucks Plus, just great trucks - Please call ahead to make an appointment and have your finances in order. CONTACT INFORMATION Telephone: 925-449-4747 Text: 925-667-8540 Address: 4546 Contractors Pl. Livermore Ca 94551 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION We buy, sell, and trade all sorts of vehicles. If you have a vehicle that would be worth more to you as cash in your pocket simply give us a call and we can make you an offer with no obligation to purchase from us. If you ...

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