Video - 2006 Dodge Stratus SXT w/ 2 12" MTX Subs

Videa Dodge Stratus 2006 Dodge Stratus SXT w/ 2 12" MTX Subs

2006 Dodge Stratus SXT w/ 2 12" MTX Subs

Here's a vid of my subs pounding the hell out of my 2006 Stratus (w/ better light) but my camera sucks at picking up the flexing, vibrations, and movement (frames :/). Hopefully, however, I might be getting a new camera soon! Bass was about 1/2 up, at most. Volume is at 20. Radio eq'd. Etc. Crack in the mirror came from when the bass knocked it loose. Then it fell and hit the center console and...crack. Already ordered a new one (CIPA 12"). Lastly, the songs &/or audio is not mine. I do not claim any ownership what-so-ever. Songs are copyrighted to their respected owners. Cat Daddy - Cat Daddy Boys Gucci Mane - On Deck (DECAF mix) ENJOY! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bass subs sound audio dodge system mtx audio amplifier amp terminator flex 12s 12 12" 12'' tna 251 tna-251 250. 250/1 tna-250/1 tna250/1 tna-250.1 tna250.1 subwoofer speakers loud stratus sxt black sedan tinted taillights tail light lights kenwoo KDC-MP445U KDC MP445U KDCMP445U Head unit headunit hu h/u gucci mane on deck cat daddy boys decaf mix remix slowed "hip hop" cars automobiles electronics rap rearview rear view mirror crack cracked excursion bad camera sealed box TNP212D TNP212D2 TNE212D TNE212D2 too many tags lol sorry

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