Video - 2007 Dodge Durango Dies while Idle (CONSTANTLY)

Videa Dodge Razor 2007 Dodge Durango Dies while Idle (CONSTANTLY)

2007 Dodge Durango Dies while Idle (CONSTANTLY)

I'm just sitting there in park, my feet aren't touching the pedals at all. It throttles up and down continuously up until it dies at about 1:45 . I've just bought this vehicle about 3 months ago, and have had this issue since the first week. I've taken it to the shop several times, which they could not locate the exact problem, but have fixed several things in the process (even had the transmission rebuilt due to shrapnel being found in the transmission pan), and the problem STILL continues, and it's even WORSE now! It used to happen once every other week or so, and now it's almost daily. The ESP/BAS lights come on frequently as well, and while slowing down or not having my foot on the gas, the vehicle seems to have a hard down shift and almost "thuds" in the process. I'm out of time and money taking this thing back and forth to the shop so much. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be so I could suggest it on my LAST visit to the shop before I take it back to the place I got it from and start screaming "LEMON!" ? ANY help at all would be SO appreciated. Thanks!

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