Video - 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan Brakes Ceased

Videa Dodge Caravan 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan Brakes Ceased

2009 Dodge Grand Caravan Brakes Ceased

The driver side brakes on my 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan ceased while I was driving down the highway. I didn't even press the brake pedal when this happened! Took it into the dealership to have them fix the problem. They say since my van had 33000km on it the brakes aren't covered under warranty(it ends at 20000km for brakes). I told them that this isn't just a matter of me hitting the brakes hard all the time and wearing them out prematurely, that the brakes had ceased on me while I was driving at highway speeds. They say it doesn't matter, they're not covered. They said that the pads weren't sliding properly and they need to be replaced, along with the rotor. They wanted $450 plus tax to replace the 1 rotor and brake pads on both sides. I told them that since it's not covered under warranty I'll do it myself($105 total in parts). Replaced the rotor and brake pads. This video is what happened 5 minutes after replacing everything. Took the van back to the dealership(about 1 1/2 weeks later when I got back from vacation) and miraculously the brakes are now covered up to 40000km. Told them to replace the callipers on both the rear brakes. They inspected them and it was the callipers that were ceasing. Why didn't they check the callipers in the first place??

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