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Videa Dodge Aries 73335D-Showcasts-1982-Dodge-Aries-K-124-Diecast-Wholesale.mpg

73335D-Showcasts-1982-Dodge-Aries-K-124-Diecast-Wholesale.mpg 73335D Showcasts - 1982 Dodge Aries KHard Top. 1:24 scale (1/24 scale) diecast collectible model car. This Dodge Aries K is a 7"L x 2.75"W x 2.25"H die-cast model with free wheeling, workable steering, and openable hood & doors. This Dodge Aries K is manufactured by Motor Max Toys (Motormax) for Showcasts Diecast Collectibles. 4 pcs per display box in assorted colors. 16 pcs per inner box.

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