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Videa Dodge Neon 90's Commercials Vol. 12

90's Commercials Vol. 12

These commercials aired on November 24th, 1994 and March 25th, 1994. 1. Crest Complete 2. Tower Records (Sign me up for "Sedated In The 80's Vol. 2"!) 3. TV Spot for "Junior" (Another Arnold Schwarzenegger classic!) 4. ICS Learning Systems (The infamous "learn at home" ad with Sally Struthers.) 5. Promo for "Airplane" (With Penn Jillette from Penn & Teller) 6. Woodstock '94 7. Canon Sure Shot Zoom Max (Dogs need their Ice Cream to grow big and strong) 8. Dodge 9. Promo for "Play MiSTie For Me" (With Patton Oswalt again) 10. Mystery Science Theater 3000 College Tour (Looks incredible) 11. MST3K College Tour/Dodge Neon Bumper 12. Dodge Neon 13. Cable (Meet the great prognosticator, Chris Elliot!) 14. Clinton Backwards Running Watch (LOL, mostly at how wrong the idea of Clinton's Administration being "backward" was) 15. Wrigley's Spearmint Gum (I miss the old gum packaging) 16. Sensitivity Protection Crest 17. Wrigley's Spearmint Gum 18. Promo for "Politically Incorrect" (With Bill Maher) 19. Promo for "Soap" 20. Promo for "Politically Incorrect" 21. Dodge Neon 22. Burger King (I miss the old Burger King logo too) 23. Polaroid Captiva (This is sort of like the Flintstone's version of an LCD screen) 24. Efidac 24 (I love the graphic. Looks like a fun video game or something) This video is protected under fair use copyright law. It is presented for the purposes of entertainment, education and criticism/commentary only. No infringement is intended.



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