Video - Ancient Orange @ Bristol Run #2

Videa Dodge Sling Shot Ancient Orange @ Bristol Run #2

Ancient Orange @ Bristol Run #2

We won this round, on a holeshot, Charles did a great job! Ran 9.0 @149mph, which is off due to altitude. We normally run 8.80 @155 back in Georgia. 383 Mopar powered (.060" overbore= 394 CID) with stock crank, rods and iron '67 440 heads, Powerglide with 8" converter and 8 3/4" differential with a spool and 4.30 gears. Simple, cheap and effective. The other rail we ran was much faster, with a BB Chevy and alcohol injection (ours runs 114 octane gasoline), it's campaigned with Team Mike Gray. Mike is a super nice guy who has a blown FED rail, "Moonshine Express".

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