Video - Arrow Flash - No Power Ups/Specials - Boss Run

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Arrow Flash - No Power Ups/Specials - Boss Run

Arrow Flash - No Power Ups/Specials - Boss Run

This video contains text commentary. Please switch on close captions/subtitles to view it. It makes the video better to watch, honest. This was a god damn stupid idea. Really. It was. This is a replay of Arrow Flash, this time, I take on the bosses from the game - without power ups. No Speed Ups. Weapons. Options. I don't even use the Arrow Flash specials. Because clearly making the bosses abnormally harder for yourself is just THE thing for people to do. If you want to see all the bosses fought using power ups, see the video response. This was just basically a test of skill. And patience. I had a bit of fun with the text commentary. That was fun to do! In other news: X3 is recorded. Again. Almost fully. I am now sick to death of the game. :D What's worse, I have to play through it AGAIN to get to the alternate end bosses. Fun times. I'll start uploading Sunday at the latest. I just need to edit them in batch and we're good to go. Makimura may take a bit longer. I don't think any savestates exist from my playthrough, so I have to go through it again. Unfortunately... this means having to go through Stage 4 again, Ack. It's just building the confidance up to get through that level.

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