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Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Assassin's Creed 2 - Sequence 6 - Romagna Holiday

Assassin's Creed 2 - Sequence 6 - Romagna Holiday

You have to steer Leonardo's carriage down the road. This alone isn't difficult. The guys chasing you make it a little tougher. They'll jump onto the carriage and try to climb it. Shaking them off is really tough. You need to purposely aim the carriage toward objects on the road and try to have them scrape the side of the carriage where the guys will be climbing. Tree branches, although more cliché, are better. When they get on top, you can try to make a sharp turn, but this isn't easy if you're not coming up to any turns. If they reach Ezio, you need to tap Shift repeatedly to throw them off. Also, when making those sharp turns, be careful when you steer back to the other side, the momentum could cause the carriage to roll over. Eventually, you'll get across the flaming bridge, and archers will begin shooting fire arrows along the road. The fire pockets are easy enough to dodge except when coming off a turn. More riders will appear so continue to try to shake them off when possible. Continue until you get a scene. After this, you'll be on your own against some guards. Try to disarm the Brute from the get go, then finish the others one by one. Head to the marker to complete the mission.

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