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Assault arcade stage 10

Assault (c) 1988 Namco. Your mission is to reclaim your homeland by destroying the enemy forces that have taken over. You have an Assault tank, the supreme mobile weapon. Your tank has artillery guns and grenades, can perform Rapid Rolls to dodge enemy shots, and uses Power Wheelies to launch grenades. Your controls are two 4-position joysticks with triggers. These controls make Assault like no other tank game. You have a quick, highly responsive vehicle with fast movement in all directions. To avoid enemy shots, Rapid Roll your tank left or right by moving both joysticks to the same side. To launch grenades, put the tank in the Power Wheelie position by moving both joysticks to the outside, then pressing either trigger. Your grenades are triple the fire power of your tank's standard shots. Your tank is always in the center of the screen no matter what direction you are going. With Assault's 360-degree scrolling playfield, the world rotates around you as you move. An arrow always points you towards the exit to the next level. The lift zone gives you an advantage over the invaders and a spectacular view of the playfield. Each lift zone is a five-sided platform on the playfield that flashes red when you can use it. When you drive onto the lift zone, your tank jets straight up to get a bird

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