Video - Blind Person Conquering OoT, Part 22- Boss Number 3, Barinade

Videa Dodge Sling Shot Blind Person Conquering OoT, Part 22- Boss Number 3, Barinade

Blind Person Conquering OoT, Part 22- Boss Number 3, Barinade

This is an entirely community-driven project. These are videos of me, a person blind from birth, playing through Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with the help of five Zelda fans on YouTube who have put a very generous amount of time and dedication into writing very specific, script-stile directions that have allowed me to navigate through the game. Thanks to Runnerguy2489 for his help with this segment. I got really lucky in this fight, when the 2nd team of jellyfish attacked I actually stunned him on my first boomerang throw and took very little damage throughout the fight. I've never done this well before. Boss Strategy: This may be tough to explain. I wish Runnerguy2489 all the best of luck when he has to beat this thing blindfolded for the first time, on camera, sitting with his back to his speakers (cant wait to hear it, buddy, but you might consider some headphones or some other arrangement so you can hear things in front of you). Anyways, Z-Target the tentacle when Navi flies to it. Push up and to the left or right for a second or two (depending on which side you hear him on, though this is often centered for me), and throw the rang while still pushing up. As the boomerang flies to Barinade, run or sidehop away so you dont get hit. After one hit youll lose your target. When you hear a sound similar to what you heard when you hit the parasite tentacles earlier, stand still for a moment and wait for the target lost sound to play, then target again (if you cant you ...

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