Video - Bug Out Bag Pt2: Contents of bugout bag

Videa Dodge Sling Shot Bug Out Bag Pt2: Contents of bugout bag

Bug Out Bag Pt2: Contents of bugout bag

Please watch part 1 first, this is part two of my bug out bag, Please subscribe Thanks for viewing I have 2 sleeping bags along with 550 paracord, duct tape, tarp, tent, BB gun, sling shot, sewing kit, camp cookware, walkie talkie/2 way radios, snare, fishing stuff, extra food n water, hobo stove, sterno and esbit stove, knives, lighters, antibotics and other meds, wool blankets, mosquito net, etc etc. I have everything I need and more in my bug out bags, 2 bug out bins and my bug out truck.

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