Video - Bug Out/Survival Bag Update

Videa Dodge Sling Shot Bug Out/Survival Bag Update

Bug Out/Survival Bag Update

I picked up a few more items for my bugout, bob, shtf, survival, get out of dodge, wrol, zombie apocalypse, I'm hungry and I want some spaceman icecream bag. Thanks for all the suggestions and please keep them comming! My bag is a work in progress and my main goal for the bag is answering the question; "If I can put anything I want in this bag, up to 40lbs total, what do I bring?". Then the question might be expanded to 50lbs later. It's interesting to me to note that if we're limited to what we can carry, (which we are) a value can be assigned to objects, food, ect based on thier weight. Once the items are chosen for the bag and the weight reached, then they can be re-evaluated to see if the best choices were made, or if there may be something better! As an aside, I don't think I'll ever actually need to use this bag for it's intended purpose, I just find it fun to challenge my brain, with the added bonus that if I ever actually DO have to use it, I'm all set! There's other benefits of a BOB too though, and I'll discuss some of them in another video. Thanks for watching! Items added: Sharpening stone Payday Candy bar Silver Eagles Marksman Slingshot Slingshot Ammo Victor Rat Trap Malboro Red Cigarettes Heavy duty zip ties Straps for blanket attachment Lighter and matches Orbit gum Energizer Lithium AAA Batteries Survival seeds

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