Video - Bully Part 34 Scholarship Edition "6th hour"

Videa Dodge Sling Shot Bully Part 34 Scholarship Edition "6th hour"

Bully Part 34 Scholarship Edition "6th hour"

Happy New Year Y'all. Party Safely, but not too safely. That's no fun. ;) MORE VIDEOS! "It's America! We go in there with threats and bribes until we get what we want. If all else fails, we beat the crap out of everyone." - Jimmy Hopkins In this episode we have: Complete Mayhem Jimmy is waiting for Zoe outside her house in Blue Skies Industrial Park, but she's agitated and not happy to see him. She breaks the news that a full scale riot has broken out in Bullworth school. Zoe goes to get the Townies together, while Jimmy has to track down Russell. In the previous mission, Russell had smashed a police motorcycle through a barricade, and is now hiding in the Wonder Meats Factory from the police. Walkthrough Rescue Russell Jimmy must dodge the police and find Russell where he's hiding inside the Wonder Meats Factory. Russell is in trouble because he had crashed a police motorcycle in the previous mission, and his shirt is torn and stained with soot and dirt and according to Russell he stinks like meat. Once Jimmy finds him, Russell flees. Jimmy follows him, and the police chase them both. Russell hides in an alley and pulls Jimmy in after him, the police don't notice and run off. Jimmy and Russell then head to Bullworth and meet Edgar, Gurney and Duncan outside the front gate of Bullworth Academy. Take down the Clique Leaders The gate is locked, but Russell charges it head first to break it open. Edgar, Gurney and Otto (who has somehow replaced Duncan ...



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