Video - Bungee Ball 2 [ iPhone game trailer ]

Videa Dodge Sling Shot Bungee Ball 2 [ iPhone game trailer ]

Bungee Ball 2 [ iPhone game trailer ]

The latest release from Digital Prunes: Bungee Ball 2 Awesome Bungee Action that's totally addictive and full of variety! In this part puzzle, part action, realistic physics-based game, you get to swing a massive ball at the end of a super-stretchy bungee cord and complete up to 100 levels of tricks, puzzles and action. The levels start out easy to teach you the skills, but get harder and harder. (If you can beat all 100 levels, we'll be mighty impressed!) - 30 free levels, or get 100 total levels with an in-app paid upgrade - Complete each level by combining puzzle-solving cleverness and Bungee-slinging skill Your Bungee Ball is a fun weapon, and a lot more: It can act against dozens of mechanisms and contraptions to beat each level: SPIN the WaterWheels -- DODGE the Sticky Walls -- KILL Pebbles with the Wall of Death! -- BOUNCE marbles -- TOSS time-bombs -- DETONATE grenades -- JUMP on a seesaw... 100 Levels of crazy action, puzzles and Bungee-swingin' good times.

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