Video - BvanPlays: Zelda Skyward Sword (Boss Trials - Dragon Shield)

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow BvanPlays: Zelda Skyward Sword (Boss Trials - Dragon Shield)

BvanPlays: Zelda Skyward Sword (Boss Trials - Dragon Shield)

BvanPlays: A Let's Play featuring Bvan and other people who want to watch Bvan play. Game: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Boss Trials: Challenge unlocked near the end of the game. Must face random consecutive boss battles (except for first) with limited items. This is my third attempt. Allowed items: Current Sword (True Master Sword) Current Shield (Goddess Shield) Main Bag items obtained up to the boss (bombs/bows/vaccuum/etc) Rewards: The more bosses defeated the better the prize. We go for 8 bosses to unlock best shield. 1: 20 Rupees 2: Small Treasure 3: 100 Rupees 4: Piece of Heart 5: 200 Rupees 6: 500 Rupees 7: Rare Treasure 8: Best Shield (Hylian) 9: 2000 Rupees 10+: ??? Bosses faced: First boss picked, rest are random. The Imprisoned (2nd Meeting): Hit the toes, he falls over, hit pole into head. The bombs stun him making him easier to hit. Ghirahim (1st Meeting): Block projectiles. Hit him from angles he doesn't block. Block swords. Scaldera: Hit with bombs while not glowing. Throw bombs in mouth. Attack eye. Koloktus: Dodge arms. Pull them off the boss with whip. Attack exposed core. Bosses grows legs and swords. Pull of sword arms. Take sword and cut open boss. Moldarach: Attack eyes in the claws. Attack main eye. Dig up boss with vacuum. Attack eye. Tentalus: Dodge tentacles. Cut with skyward strikes. Shoot eye with arrow. Attack eye. Climb up to phase 2. Attack snakes. Arrow eye. Attack eye. The Imprisoned (3rd Meeting): Attack toes. Attack head. Bomb out ...

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