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Car Dodge Neon Cake

I was asked to make a cake replica of my friend's husband's Dodge Neon race car for his 50th birthday and this is the result. The car was carved from vanilla cake and then layered in fondant to replicate the paint job of the race car. At their request, the base is a "Costco Cake" that I covered in fondant to look like a race track. The "grass" is made from coconut and the "dirt" from dark brown sugar. The wheels/tires are made from fondant covered rice kripsy treats! It was also her Aunt's birthday, Brother's welcome home, and cousin's graduation (Hence the sign that says "Congraduations") all rolled into one cake. There was a great peace sign on Corbin's leather jacket, but I ended up putting him in front of the car and no one ever saw it. Hope you enoy!

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