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Coen Brothers 1966 Dodge Coronet

Visit to see this soon to be famous 1966 Dodge Coronet for sale by Sunset Classics. This '66 Coronet was the featured car in the Coen Brother's recent movie release "A Serious Man" that was filmed right in our backyard. Well not right in our backyard literally but in our hometown of Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota. This Coronet was the main character's car throughout the movie and is the nicest of the Coronets used for the movie. (there were several used for crash scenes and gutted out to hold the camera and Ethan or Joel Coen.) If you love classic Coronets or the Coen Brothers movies like I do you'll love the photo and video shoots at the link above. I was even able to take photos and video of the movie shoot - so there is some great behind the scenes footage. If you would love to own a classic coronet or especially this famous movie car give me a call at 612-805-2428 - I'm John Snell nice to meet you. Update: This fine Coronet was featured on the Reelz Channel Hollywood Dailies program on 2-22-10 How cool is that?

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