Video - Dark Souls Boss - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Videa Dodge Hornet Dark Souls Boss - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Dark Souls Boss - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

The final battle at the First Flame. After about 30 tries or so I finally beat Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight (and Cinder apparently). To me he was the hardest boss in the entire game, but rightfully so. I found parrying to be the best way to put up a fight. For some reason unlike all other parryable enemies, Gwyn cannot be backstabbed. It made it that much harder. I was SL 70 in all the battles. The strategy was simply to parry his attacks with the Target Shield which has a larger window for parrying and riposte with Hornet's Ring and Lightning Zweihander +5 for five times, not taking any damage. The key to victory lies in the timing of the parry and being able to dodge Gwyn's swings and concentrate on his next move. It didn't go as well as my other runs, where I succeeded in doing just that four times without having to rely on Estus or even taking damage. However the fifth parry was always a failure and ended up getting me killed. I tried wearing Havel's set, Iron Flesh and spamming R1/parrying him, but not being able to do much I shortly quit doing that. Gwyn doesn't usually leave you any time to even consider drinking Estus or using Sorceries (which I had but were too weak to even tickle him), Pyromancies (casting time was too great) or Miracles (my Faith is 8 on this character). He is more aggressive than Flamelurker at low HP in Demon's Souls, more tough than Four Kings and hits harder than Smough's hammer. I decided to upload the last and successful battle first on its ...

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