Video - Dark Souls Challenge - Cleric vs Sif

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Dark Souls Challenge - Cleric vs Sif

Dark Souls Challenge - Cleric vs Sif

Defeated under ENB's Dark Souls Class Challenge rules. Song: River City Rammstein, remixed by Mazedude for Fail dodge @ 0 Why do I suck at this game @ 0:43-0:50 Beast mode activate @ 1:17 Redemption of fail dodge @ 1:38 Not this again @ 1:51 Nothing very impressive but maybe someone somewhere can learn something from it. Challenge Rules: #1 You may not level. #2 With the exception of rings, you may only use your starting equipment. #3 The only Blacksmiths who may Modify your equipment are Andre and Rickert. Normal, Raw, Divine, Occult, Magic, and Enchanted are ok. Fire and Lightning are NOT allowed. #4 You may not use any healing items during a boss battle. Clerics can cast heal with no restrictions. #5 You may not enter new covenants. (If you are a knight / cleric, Way of White is allowed.) #6 You may not upgrade your pyromancy flame. #7 No summons. You MAY buy consumables, including resins, spells and arrows. You MAY remove equipment.

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