Video - Demon's Souls Walkthrough: Maneater of Tower of Latria 3-2

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Demon's Souls Walkthrough: Maneater of Tower of Latria 3-2

Demon's Souls Walkthrough: Maneater of Tower of Latria 3-2

Welcome to Lord Fussington's Walkthrough of Demon's Souls, "Maneater of Tower of Latria 3-2." Also, Yurt, the Silent Chief is killed at the end of the video, but I'll talk about the Maneater first. To be fair, this fight was conducted rather poorly by yours truly, Lord Fussington, but there are still quite a few tips that can be gathered from what seems like more of a dance than a battle. When you first walk through the fog gate, the Maneater will approach you and probably leap; you need to move - either run or roll past him, but do not get hit by the leap. The problem with the leap is that it can potentially push you off of the bridge; as such, you want to get to the center, where the brazier is, and always have the brazier between you and the Maneater. Ultimately, the brazier will block the Maneater's attacks. Other than the leap, he punches - sometimes with one hand, sometimes with both; he fires sonic waves and three soul arrows that merge as one; and lastly, he glows yellow when his tail lodges itself in the back of his neck which apparently increases his damage, but does not heal him. Oh, and a second Maneater appears within a given time frame or if you've depleted much of the first Maneater's health. Magic: I had an incredibly easy time defeating the Maneater as a mage: with the brazier between us, I'd position myself slightly closer to him, and use firestorm before throwing soul rays or fire sprays at him. Just be prepared to dodge after the firestorm. Melee: A ...

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