Video - 2009 Dodge Caliber RT Review - Kelley Blue Book

Videa Dodge Caliber 2009 Dodge Caliber RT Review - Kelley Blue Book

2009 Dodge Caliber RT Review - Kelley Blue Book


Dodge Caliber RT. Small cars are becoming increasingly versatile, and few vehicles better epitomize this trend than the Dodge Caliber. The Caliber is a combination hatchback/wagon/SUV, and it replaced the Neon as Dodges most affordable offering.

Welcome to our comprehensive Kelley Blue Book review of the Dodge Caliber.

The Dodge Calibers bold styling melds sedan-like looks with some of the functionality of an SUV. The five-door design and 60/40 fold-flat rear seats make it possible to transport large quantities of gear without losing valuable passenger space. Offering a laundry list of standard features and three engine choices, the Caliber serves up affordable performance and functionality with charisma and attitude. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit today.

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