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dodge caravan exhaust system

fully loaded 2003 sxt. 3 12" subs and 1000w amp. sony deck. 2 JL's and 1 sony xplod. custom boxes and paint in interior and on exterior. dual intake with breather over oil head.1600w amp kit. has four pilot seats and 1 bench but i have the driver/passenger and the bench in right now.custom wood cut out securing subs.. factory speakers but replacing with infinity's. (all 6 speakers.) exhaust system. chopped off resinater and muff. put str8 pipe to custom muff. soon be putting cherry bomb on b4 exhaust and a DC header.. all future plans might shit the bed tho. cuz i want a new car. i feel like a fuckin soccer i got the wip for free tho so its wheels.- COMMENT ME IF ANY1 KNOWS OF A FAIRLY CHEAP 94 SUPRA AROUND? OR A 300C?

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