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Dodge Dakota Burnout

This is my 1988 451 stroker big block powered 1988 Dodge Dakota. I bought this truck for $100.00 back in the fall of 1999. This is a very fun vehicle to drive around town and is very street friendly. The engine is only 9.5:1 and burns 93 octane fuel. It has also run the local 1/8 mile track at to the tune of 7.40 @ 94 mph with 3.55:1 gears. Needless to say, being that its just a 1988 dakota...many people with chevelles, chargers, camaros, corvettes, vipers and mustangs are shocked when the realize that they just got thier asses handed to them by a little black truck. LOL! only kidding. As you can see, burnouts are effortless...more vids to come. Enjoy!

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