Video - Dodge Dakota R/T @ SEMA 2010

Videa Dodge Dakota Dodge Dakota R/T @ SEMA 2010

Dodge Dakota R/T @ SEMA 2010

My boy entered a contest being held by Car Audio & Electronics Magazine back in October for placement in their booth @ SEMA 2010 and he took the win! He made the trip from his home in Missouri all the way out to SEMA with help from Memphis Audio. The truck is FULLY custom from the powdercoated undercarriage and suspension to the 42" flip up TV on tailgate-attached actuators to the custom airbrush paint by Nathan Curry of Nixa, Mo. Josh has worked super hard on this truck and everything you see except the airbrushed Memphis Audio themed paint Josh did with his own hands. This is not a shop truck turned show truck, this is individually owned, themed, and built by Josh. All of the speaker components are Memphis Audio. The specifics of the amps and subs I won't disclose yet, but they can be seen in the video if you know your Memphis products well. Here's Josh's truck spot on's write up as Josh's truck was picked from many hundreds of trucks as one of the top five:

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