Video - Dodge Ram 2500 Stuck in mud on rocks

Videa Dodge RAM Dodge Ram 2500 Stuck in mud on rocks

Dodge Ram 2500 Stuck in mud on rocks

Driver was taking family on scenic drive down edge of Willapabay When he hit a buried rock and slid sideways over two large rocks . The tide was in so I couldn't get my wrecker to him . I used my snatch block and his winch to yank the rocks out from under the middle of his truck . We then cut a path in front of his truck so we could winch him out of the slop and up to hard ground . I was surprised that his winch performed as well as it did . I will try and post the brand of winch . It was one of the cheaper ones on the market but it performed well . Took us about an hour and half to ge tturned around and back to solid ground . I suggested to him he needs to carry chains and a snatch block or two .



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