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Videa Dodge RAM Dodge Ram 5 speed conversion NV3500

Dodge Ram 5 speed conversion NV3500

New My 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport, was an auto till I swapped in a NV3500 out of a wrecked dodge, whole thing took a few days with little problems. Mods so far NV3500 Swap Homemade CAI 180 Degree T-Stat Shorty Headers Magnaflow High Flow Cat and Y pipe 4.10 Rear, waiting to get the front axle with 4.10's GM 1 Ton wheel cylinders Tow Mirrors 4/15/11 360 Swap High flow oil pump Double roller timing chain Hughes Plenum Lift 3" Body Lift 2 1/2" Leveling kit 2" Rear Blocks 285/75/16's Now has Hankook Dynapro MT's 35/12.50/17 Off-Road edition rims

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