Video - Dodge Ram Night Runner walk around/tour

Videa Dodge RAM Dodge Ram Night Runner walk around/tour

Dodge Ram Night Runner walk around/tour

A quick look at my new truck, Shadow, a 2006 Dodge Ram Night Runner package. Only 2000 of these packages were built and only for the 2006 model year. This one is regular cab, short bed, 4x4, optional satellite radio built in and they all come with the Hemi. The Night Runner package adds; black out headlights, black chrome 20" wheels, Brilliant Black paint, "Night Runner" logo on the gauges, the bed sides (which my truck does not have) and embroidered on the head rests, black trim/bumpers and HEMI engine. *SUBSCRIBE* for more videos of this truck to come. The music is from the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack, track is titled "The Outlaws Return". I do NOT own the music in the video and it is property of its respective owners.



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