Video - Dodge Rampage update 2-18-11

Videa Dodge Rampage Dodge Rampage update 2-18-11

Dodge Rampage update 2-18-11

The Rampage is ALIVE! It was in the 60's here today, so I finished up the flexplate on the Rampage and got it running, and MOVING. Not going to say driving, since I only pulled it out of the garage, cleaned the garage, and put it back in. One thing, the engine sounds like CRAP. I honestly don't even know if there's any oil getting to the top end of the engine from what it sounds like. This thing doesn't even have an oil *light* let alone a gauge. This was the engine out of the parts rampage, and I hadn't even intended on keeping it, let alone putting it in the truck and trying to start it. It had been sitting outside for about 5 years, on its side, exposed to the weather. I think I'm going to at least put some "new" used oil in it when I change the oil in the Imperial. At least I can move it now, so I can start on the body work when the weather gets a bit consistent.

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