Video - Dodge Viper GTS - SOUND, V10 rumble

Videa Dodge Viper Dodge Viper GTS - SOUND, V10 rumble

Dodge Viper GTS - SOUND, V10 rumble

PHOTOGRAPHY of this Dodge Viper GTS and more: Jamboolio takes a look at one the most legendary supercars ever to come from the USA, the Dodge Viper GTS. This beast has a 450hp V10 engine and gorgeous looks plus a huge wing on the back, it is awesome! The GTS was produced between 1996-2002. It had a new body, interior, all-new V-10 engine, less weight and more power compared to the "normal" RT/10 model. Location: Helsinki, Finland Watch in High Definition (1080p HD). Please RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! Follow Jamboolio on TWITTER:



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