Video - Dragon's Dogma Solo Strider Run p4: Quarry sneaking

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Dragon's Dogma Solo Strider Run p4: Quarry sneaking

Dragon's Dogma Solo Strider Run p4: Quarry sneaking

Turns out all the armor in Gran Soren was too expensive or too heavy for me. Oh well. I could have bought a better pair of daggers or bow, but I prefer the unique effects on the rusted bow and I had a better idea for how to get new daggers. I need to head back South to Witchwood anyway, and I remember that the Ancient Quarry has a chest that sometimes has fire daggers (same chest I got a fire sword from). I know I can't possibly defeat those 3 ogres yet, but perhaps I could just sneak by them, grab the daggers, and head out the other side? At this point I am armed with a set of skills I plan to keep for a while and save up points for some augments and core skills. On the bow I have Threefold Arrow, Cloudburst Volley, and Triad Shot and on daggers I'm using Helm Splitter, Ensnare, and Reset (not yet Instant Reset, so can't use it while under attack). I may have the upgraded version of some of those too, not sure. I have the dodge roll but not the double jump. While attempting this I began to wonder when exactly the game actually determines the contents of each chest - is it right when you open it? If so... I test this theory in the video.

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