Video - Duke Patricks NPC Arrow Shots Can Miss Now

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Duke Patricks NPC Arrow Shots Can Miss Now

I have been asked by a few players about making the NPC miss shots. I think this is very UNnnecessary as the NPC already are very dumb fighters with a slow rate of fire and many other disadvantages to their ability to fight compared to the player. The reason my SCA ARCHERY COMBAT mod was created in the first place was because the NPC were too easy to kill when using bows with high damage such as is in my SCA combat mod! However.... I had been thinking about this, I still do not believe it is necessary, but I am intrigue by the challenge of getting this to work. As far as I know we do not have the CS or script tools necessary to alter the targeting AI in the game. So it would seem this is an impossible request at first consideration. This is probably why it has never been done before at least as far as everyone on the forums is concerned. That is what I must infer anyway as this has been requested by players on the forums and nobody had any mods they knew of that would do this. I was able to do it with some very obtuse thinking...




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