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The first and only NASCAR title available for the Wii! Experience the thrill of racing with the pack-on and off the track-with NASCAR® Kart Racing! Grab the steering wheel as a famed NASCAR driver and speed off through treacherous terrain, wind around rocky cliffs, jump rivers and dodge falling boulders. Invite your family and friends to join the fun! Compete together to see who will be the first to fly across the finish line and enjoy the glory of a coveted NASCAR win! Fun, Competitive Kart Racing For Everyone Race as your favorite NASCAR driver and compete against friends and family with four-player split-screen action. Stay "In The Zone" Fill your boost meter to trigger a speed burst or slingshot around the track with the help of your teammate in a race for the checkered flag. Power-Up To Make The Pass Yellow-flag the competition, throw an oil slick, launch a rocket, and more as you work your way past the field. Set Your Sights On The Championship The competition has taken control of all tracks - now it's up to you and a teammate to beat each duo and take 'em back.

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