Video - F-150 vs Dodge and Chevy Diesel's - "GEtStuK"

Videa Dodge RAM F-150 vs Dodge and Chevy Diesel's - "GEtStuK"

F-150 vs Dodge and Chevy Diesel's - "GEtStuK"

Vote for this Ford at the link below if you'd like me to post more videos, my name there is Josiah. Above is an image of me loading my ski in the same spot just before the Chevy went in, it was slippery I'll tell you what. F150 pulls out stuck Chevy at New Hogan Lake. Chevy reversed into lake to load jet ski. Personally I believe he was trying to get attention by slamming into the lake, then was unable to pull back out of the water. Dodge was a little worried about breaking something pulling and then I offered to pull. I was watching as they were using ratchet straps to pull him out, one after the other they broke. I had plenty of nylon recovery straps, chains, shackles, etc which they ended up obviously needing so I gave them those. They were nice guys, and we've all been there before so I try to never decline help. Hope you all do the same. The F150 is a 1/2 ton, the other two trucks are 3/4+ ton.

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