Video - F150 POV (Fire/EMS)

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow F150 POV (Fire/EMS)

F150 POV (Fire/EMS)

2005 F-150 STX Reg Cab, V8 4.6. Star Stv 90w Strobe kit (6 Head), Blue whelen Slim-lighter, Whelen Headlight Flasher, Strobes N More E66 Light Bar (Red/Blue), Strobes N More E6 (x2 Blue, x4 Green), Strobes N More E4 Dual Light Head (Blue/Red), Whelen Linear 6's (x2 Red/Blue). Whelen HHS220 Hand-Held Controll Until. Code 1: Rear Strobes, License Plate Lights Code 2: Front and rear strobes, License Plate Lights Pursuit: Wig Wags, Front and Rear Strobes, License Plate Lights Green: Just Front green Lights (EMS) Blue: Just Front Blue Lights (Fire) Intersect: Rear Lt. Bar, Suicide door Lights Arrow Direct: 3 clicks, 1st Click: Left, 2nd: Right, 3rd: Center out I Installed everything, Intersection is normally only used when stopped on a main road or when needed for road closure. I generally run Code 2 Depending on the time of day and the call because this is alot of light, epically at Night. Sorry About quality.



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