Video - Final Fight - Choreography Pt. 2

Videa Dodge Razor Final Fight - Choreography Pt. 2

Final Fight - Choreography Pt. 2

For Cinematography purposes. -James falls face down -He rolls over and Razor jumps on top coming down with a stab. -James barely manages to dodge the stabs by maneuvering his head. -Razor realizes the stabs aren't working, he comes down on one knee and tries to do some MMA-style ground and pound, with the sword in hand. -James blocks the first two hits, the third one gets through and Razor punches James in the face. - James tries to capitalize and does a sword trap with one hand. With his free hand, Razor tries to swing at James. James catches it and does an arm lock. - James rolls Razor over and tries to damage Razor in a similar fashion. ~ - James frees the arm lock and punches Razor, with the first hit coming through. The next punch, Razor blocks. James quickly turns that blocked punch into a successful elbow to the face. As he is closer to Razor with that elbow, he extends his arm and reaches for the sword. - James grabs his sword and is about to stab Razor. Before he can even do this, Razor slices James from the sword trap and flips him over, preparing to slice James' neck. Next part of choreography:

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